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Technical Datasheet:

Application: Open terrain-ground mount,largecommercial parking areas,small mid-sized commercial and residentialapplications. Household parking area.

Wind load: up to 45m/s

Snow load: 1125px

PV modules: Framed

Module orientation: Landscape, Portrait

Module inclination: 0°-15°

Ground clearance: around 2-3meters

Color: Natural

Warranty: 10 years

Effectiveuse of space

Solarcarports provide for the effective use of existing parking space and not onlyconvert sunshine into electric

Energybut also maximize usage of land resources.


1.   The carport can protect vehicles from rain and theharsh effects of the sun.

2.     Asa Solar power source, it can charge electric vehicles or provide direct powerto offices,retail,residential or the grid.

3.     Barrier-freedesign. Our designs allow vehicle to enter and exit the parking space freelywithout fear of nudging the support structure.

4.     Advertisingis easily attached to the structure creating an additional source ofrevenue,For example,

Advertisingbanners in shopping center car parks.


1. High percentage of factory pre-assembledcomponents deliver significant installation savings.

2. Easy installtion. We provide a simple andeasy to understand installation guide.The main

Structuralcomponents of the system are marked with different colors so that you can easysee the pink match the pink part, blue match to the blue part.

3. Carport systems allow for generoustolerances for vertical and horizontal adjustment.

4. A completely modular installation program.



Weprovide static analysis including material optimization for each project,save alot of cost of the grounding system.All stability tests are carried outaccording to current global standards.


Maximumservice life:

Allcomponents are made of aluminum(anodized AL6005-T5)and stainless steel(SUS304)guaranteeing long service-ability.High recyclable value and low wastedisposal cost.

Maintenancecosts are minimized and can 100% recycle with galvanized steel structures.


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