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SOEASY is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, stable and efficient one-stop services. We believe that time will the correct choice, and we innovate for a sustainable future.


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Utility Ground System

Since 2002, SOEASY started our solar ground project. After more than 20 years of development, we remember our original intention: provide customers with faster installation, stronger support and economic utility. 

Commercial Roof System

With the cost of traditional energy rises, enterprises want to save costs, so commercial roof has become the first choice. SOEASY provides you with a variety of commercial roof solutions. 

Residential Roof System

Photovoltaic roof have great potential for growth in different markets.

SOEASY’s rooftop solutions can be applied to various kinds of rooftop, including tile roof, metal roof, flat roof, etc. 

Other Solutions

Solar Carport

With the increase of vehicles, pv carports has become a trend. SOEASY highly pre-assembled carport mounting system can be fast installed save your labour and cost. Solar OEM service also can be provided.

Floating Solar

Some lakes, reservoirs, fish ponds and other water surface areas can also be installed with photovoltaic systems to support the regional power supply. SOEASY floating mounting is especially suitable for the development of photovoltaic industry in multi-water region.

Bifacial Solar Fence

The solar bifacial fence system is installed perpendicular to the ground with the panels layout facing east and west to maximize the power generation efficiency of the double-sided modules. Vertical ground installation makes solar photovoltaic fences suitable for almost all types of terrain.


SOEASY solar mounting installation solutions have served for more than thousands of projects including ground power station, roof solar power stations, floating solar systems, solar carport projects etc.  SOEASY maintain perseverance for great service and perfect solutions.

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