2019 Soeasy New Year Party

2019 Soeasy New Year Party

The “a year-end dinner for employees” of an enterprise refers to the “annual meeting”. Enterprise unit can make use of this one day, hold the end of the year party of company interior, undertake summary to the company condition of last year, have meritorious staff according to one’s merits reward, can say so it is the party that each enterprise unit worker looks forward to most.


2019 Soeasy New Year Party


Since Christmas, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival are also coming at the end of the year, many companies simply hold annual parties during these three festivals, which adds to the happy atmosphere of annual parties. Many enterprises in the “annual meeting” also held some raffle activities, all employees of the enterprise are participating in, we and the spirit of integration, has the feeling of a large family.

At the end of 2018, we held annual meeting with a summary and summary of the work in 2018 by the department representatives, pointing out the shortcomings and improvements in the work, and proposing the work plan and arrangements for 2019. Then the leader came to the stage to summarize and one.

Awards: There are Ali Breakthrough Award, Ali Maximum Order Award, Design Efficiency King Award, PK Sales Champion Award, Best Newcomer Award and so on.

Staff on stage talent show, singing, dancing, sketches and so on, the atmosphere is particularly active, and finally set up a lottery link, everyone harvest full, have a very happy time.



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