A New Fashion Benchmark—Solar Carport

With development of modern society, people’s living standards have improved, cars have become an indispensable tool for family travel. With the increase of vehicles, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. So there’s a big push to encourage clean energy.

In order to meet the increasing demand for vehicles and environmental protection, our scientific and technological pioneers invented electric cars. For matching the use of such electric vehicles, and encourage people to use more clean electricity, our photovoltaic enterprises also continue to meet the market, have designed and manufactured solar carports.

As the name suggests, solar carport, is to use the original parking shed area, build a solar roof there base on carport structure. This can not only change the single parking function of the parking shed — shelter vehicles from wind and rain, but also provide electricity for the use of new energy vehicles, and the excess electricity can be stored for house using or sold it to the government by on grid. It has good economic benefits. On the other hand, it can achieve win-win social benefits and environmental benefits.

SoEasy solar carport is suitable for a variety of foundation fixed ways, including concrete foundation, screw pile and embedded bolt. Different arrangement directions and inclinations can be provided in combination with the project, which can effectively improve space utilization, rise up economic efficiency and simplify the installation process.The surface of the bracket is smooth and has high ornamental value, which is suitable for urban appearance construction. In the structural design, after scientific and rigorous mechanical analysis test, the highest wind speed can reach up to 45m/s and the snow load of 45cm. There are several structure design from SOEASY for your reference:

I. Aluminum Carport

Aluminum carport raw materials are AL6005-T5 and SUS304, the surface is treated to a high standard anodized for corrosion resistance for exceptional durability and stability.

1、 CAC Solar Carport(non water-proof)

CAC solar carport adopts IV structure, which is the standard carport of SoEasy. It can provide professional design of standard two parking spaces, four parking spaces and commercial multiple parking spaces according to user needs.

2、SAL Solar Carport (waterproof/non water-proof)

SAL solar carport adopts a single four-column support, which not only saves costs in terms of materials, but also allows vehicles to enter from different directions and enhances the flexibility of parking.

3、EAV Solar Carport

Using the design of inverted triangle at the top of the carport, to enhance the stability of the carport, can also reduce the occupation of the ground area, and increase the flexibility when parking.

4、Type-W Solar Carport (waterproof/non water-proof)

Adopt W structure design, to ensure the firmness of the carport andenhance the carport resistance to wind and snow bearing capacity.

二、Carbon SteelSolar Carport

Excellent welding performance, high strength and hardness.

1、SSC Solar Carport (waterproof/non water-proof)

SSC solar carport is a solar carport without front support. Suitable for large shopping malls, because there is no front column, can avoid the interference in parking, greatly take care of the comfort of shoppers.

2、MSC Solar Carport (waterproof/non water-proof)

The principle of triangle stability, it is applied to the upper bracket of the carport.

SoEasy (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise integrating the design and production of photovoltaic bracket systems. It actively practices the concept of energy saving and environmental protection and develops the market.

SoEasy has always been pursuing continuous innovation and breakthrough in product research & development, professional procurement, technology, business, quality inspection and workers closely cooperate, to provide customers with effective product security. We can provide professional advice and design for carport size, direction, tilt angle, selection type or other that you needs.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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