Advantages of Photovoltaic Agriculture

In recent years, solar photovoltaic has got a rapid growth, the projects combining photovoltaic power generation with planting and breeding are also encouraged. Make full use of barren hills, barren slopes, fish ponds, and other idle resources, vigorously develop photovoltaic agriculture. From the agricultural perspective, photovoltaic agriculture will break the bottleneck of traditional agricultural development, is the inevitable choice to further develop rural economy and improve farmers’ live standard, and is also the trend of the reform of agricultural production method.

So what are the benefits of photovoltaic agriculture? Today, let’s find out.

I. Economic Benefits:

⑴Using the greenhouse roof to generate electricity can not only meet the power demand of agricultural greenhouses, such as temperature control, irrigation, lighting, etc., but also can sell the electricity to the local power grid and generate certain economic benefits.

(2)Apply for agricultural support funds and photovoltaic project subsidies to generate benefits for project investment.

(3)Photovoltaic bracket construction in the original agricultural land, can ensure the quality of land, is conducive to the development of modern agricultural projects and modern & supporting agriculture, is more conducive to the combination of the second, third industry and the first industry, can directly improve the economic income of local farmers.

II. Effectively alleviate the contradiction between man and land

Promote sustainable social and economic development

Photovoltaic agriculture use the roof to generate electricity, and ecological breeding and planting under the greenhouse, that don’t occupy the ground, nor change the nature of land-use, greatly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of land, play a positive role in the problem of a large increase in population and a large decrease in cultivated land.

III. Flexibly create suitable environment for the growth of different crops

By setting up solar panels with different light transmittance on agricultural greenhouses, the lighting needs of different crops can be met, and various kinds of high value-added crops such as organic agricultural products and precious seedlings can be planted, as well as off-season planting and high-quality planting can be realized.

Photovoltaic power generation is a kind of green and clean energy. The ecological environment of rural areas is fragile. The development of photovoltaic power generation not only protects the rural environment, but also promotes the construction of green agricultural production and beautiful countryside. Photovoltaic agriculture uses photovoltaic clean energy to provide green electricity for modern agricultural planting and tourism reception in the factory area.

It can also form a comprehensive utilization mode of “photovoltaic + agriculture + tourism” to maximize the benefit of unit land area and seek greater environmental and economic benefits for local people. The benefits of photovoltaic agriculture are far more than these, and more advantages are worth further exploration.



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