Bosnia and Herzegovina 1MW

        Countries all over the world are working on the path to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy for reasons such as protecting the environment, increasing employment opportunities and achieving a long-term secure supply of energy. Renewable energy is harmless or minimal to the environment, and the resources are widely distributed, so it is suitable for local development and utilization.

        When it comes to renewable energy, the first thing people usually think of is solar energy. The sun shines almost everywhere in the world. Compared with the utilization of other renewable energy sources, the solar power generation system is more universal and stable. Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, is a country that mainly relies on coal power to meet its energy needs, but has been slow to develop low-carbon projects such as solar energy.

        Coal power projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina have faced opposition for a long time, and this also runs counter to the Bosnia and Herzegovina government’s claim to be green and low-carbon and to join the European Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing a critical juncture in its transition to a low-carbon society, which will also be included in the plan to apply for EU membership.

        As shown in the pictures, the 1MW ground solar project of SoEasy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been completed. The project makes full use of barren hills and wasteland, and a large number of topographic surveys and engineering designs are carried out in the early stage of construction. Considering the climatic and geographical conditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the specific requirements of the customer, the technical team of SoEasy chose to use the A-type ground support in the design scheme.

        The A-type bracket uses less material, and increases the safety of the bracket by increasing the strength of the diagonal brace. The ground pile is inserted into the ground to ensure the stability of the bracket. Before shipment, all the brackets provided by SoEasy are pre-assembled in the factory to the greatest extent, which can realize the convenience and speed of on-site installation, and also reduce construction errors and labor costs.

        The project relieves the energy pressure in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a certain extent, and on the other hand, increases the proportion of renewable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has very good economic and social benefits at the same time.

        Relying on superb technical craftsmanship and professional pre-sale and after-sale service, SoEasy has demonstrated the professionalism and technicality, both in scheme design and delivery capability, and has also been highly affirmed by customers. .

        The trust of customers is the inexhaustible driving force for our progress and innovation. SoEasy has always adhered to the concept of “serving the global photovoltaic industry”, providing high-quality products and services to global customers, and contributing to the construction of renewable energy.

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