Different Types of PV Roof Mounts

If we want to build a large-scale solar power station, that requires a lot of land resources, in order to break through this limitation, it is also a good choice to build solar power station on the existing roof.

Rooftop solar power station can not only maximize the use of unused roof space resources, save on electricity bills, but also cool house. Therefore, the installation of solar power stations on the roof is more and more popular. Common photovoltaic roofs are generally divided into three types: concrete flat roof, color steel tile roof, tile roof.

1Flat Roof

Flat roofs are common in factories, unit dormitories, and many residential houses. The installation method of flat roof‘s foundation is generally use concrete and base seat, or use heavy objects to hold down the bottom. There is no need to drill the roof, and it can be placed directly on the roof without damaging the original structure of the roof.

On this kind of roof, we usually choose ballast type solar mounts which has simple structure and cooperate with concrete block, can maximum protect the roof’s integrity.

Actually there are another three types of flat roof brackets: tripod, ballast, and ground brackets. Among them, there are very few ground brackets, which are generally only acceptable for roofs with very large loads.

The tripod is made of extruded high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The entire installation body is mainly composed of tripods, base rails, base rails jointer, and mid & end clip. Its foundation can be installed by penetration type (1-1) or ballast type (1-2), and the tripod installation angle can be adjusted. But have high cost. Just in some special situation will use this type.

SOEASY had launched a new design–solar ballast bracket (1-4), which is an excellent engineering solution for fixing solar panels on the bracket in an array on a flat roof. The bracket is supported by four single columns on one side and fixed with angled aluminum in the middle to ensure the stabilization, and can realize the overall adjustment of front, rear, left, and right, effectively reducing the requirements for installation accuracy. Compared to traditional ballast brackets (1-3), this style of ballast bracket is lighter, more economical and suitable for use.

flat roof bracket mount tripod ballast

SOEASY always stand on the customer’s side, and help customers do something in advance. For example, All accessories will be pre-assembled before leaving the factory, and the brackets will be marked with different colors, so that can make the installation convenient and fast, saving labor costs and installation time. In terms of installation angle, we will provide the most professional processing design according to the specific needs and conditions of customers to meet the installation requirements of different regions and countries, so as to obtain the most perfect lighting angle.

2Color Steel Tile Roof

Color steel tile roofs are generally fixed by clamps, trim dek support (2-1) or hanger bolt (2-2). The clamps (2-3) can be simply connected to the vertical joint plate and provide a safe non-penetrating fastening solution for different roofs. Various clamp shapes are available.

The trim dek support is waterproof, fast to install and competitively priced and can be used for many applications.

Hanger bolt goes deep into the wood determines the maximum load capacity of each hanger bolt, can maximize the use of the roof surface. The customized length eliminates the need for on-site welding and cutting, thus ensuring high corrosion resistance, structural strength and aesthetics from the factory to the installation.

solar metal roof hangbolt clamp structure

3Tile Roof

Tile roofs are generally fixed with hooks. Hook has been developed as a universal system in the Rooftop mounting system. By using the patented aluminum base rails, click-in clamp and base rail pre-clamp technology can eliminate customer cutting and enables particularly fast installation.

No matter what kind of roof bracket installation you are, SOEASY will provide you with the most professional and most suitable solution design. If you are interested, welcome to consult.

pv solar roof support component hook

SOEASY will provide customers with the most suitable design according to the needs of customers and the situation of the roof. If you want to know more details, you can leave us a message, or send an email to md6@soeasyrobot.com .

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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