Do You Really Know the Residential PV Power Generation ?

Nowadays, photovoltaic power generation has been favored by people and has developed rapidly due to its own characteristics of pollution-free and renewable. And many families will use the idle roof or own carport to install residential photovoltaic power stations, however, there are also a lot of people not really to understand the photovoltaic power generation, such as the principle, the process and other problems, only know that it is a clean energy, so some malicious merchant have the opportunity to take advantage for this. For this, we need to have a deeper understanding of residential photovoltaic power generation.

Photovoltaic power stations are mainly divided into distributed and centralized photovoltaic power stations. Distributed photovoltaic power station is mainly based on the surface of buildings, including the rooftop & carport of residential house or factory or other places, to solve the problem of the electricity problems of users nearby. The residential photovoltaic power station we often say is belongs to distributed photovoltaic power station. Centralized photovoltaic power stations mainly make full use of abundant and relatively stable solar energy resources in desert areas, barren mountains and collapsed mining areas to construct large photovoltaic power stations and water photovoltaic power stations, which are connected to the high-voltage transmission system to supply long-distance loads.

The principle of photovoltaic power generation is converts light energy into electricity by shining sunlight on the solar panel, thus producing an electric current, also known as the photovoltaic effect. The solar panels here are the main medium, the semiconductors that absorb sunlight. The most commonly used element in solar cells is silicon, because silicon has the advantages of large reserves, high stability and mature purification technology. The most common materials on the market today are monocrystalline and polysilicon silicon. There are also other materials, but their maturity and economic value are relatively low.

Next, let’s talk about the process of power generation. The current converted by the panel is direct current, and we use alternating current in daily life, at this time, we need to use the inverter to invert the direct current into alternating current for home electricity. Excess power can be stored in batteries or connected to the local grid.

So from the point of the principle and the process of generating electricity, it’s actually very simple. Electricity can be generated wherever the sun shines, and it is an inexhaustible renewable energy source. In the process of power generation, no noise, no pollution of the environment, the key is also not harmful radiation.

A long time ago, residential photovoltaic power generation has been widely promoted in Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. With the national advocacy and support for the new energy industry, photovoltaic industry has become a hot research direction. However, in practical application, the quality of equipment such as solar panels, inverters in the solar system, and the installation method of solar panels all have a direct impact for the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation.

So, even if the development of photovoltaic road is a bright, but this does not mean that all photovoltaic enterprises is a technical clearance brand, there are still a lot of unknown malicious merchant to disrupt the market! So even if we see attractive advertising, or even cheaper prices, we must be clear, not for the temporary interests, choose photovoltaic manufacturers, the first choice is from the quality! Don’t pick the cheap ones, just pick the right ones!

SOEASY (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology Co., a photovoltaic high-tech enterprise that provides overall solutions for solar photovoltaic power generation systems.  Since SOEASY establishment, the company has successively obtained the IS09001 quality management certification system, more than 70 patent certificates, and government qualified suppliers, AAA-level integrity enterprises, etc.. The products have been sold to more than 100 countries or regions around the world, and the products are spread all over the world, the cumulative export volume exceeds 3GW. 

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