Have You Heard of Vertical Bifacial Photovoltaic Fence Yet?

Have you ever heard of the photovoltaic fence? No, no, no, it’s not the iron fence you think, it’s the photovoltaic fence that generates electricity. This is a new type of solar fence, that is already use on large-scale farms, livestock farms, and for the enclosure of commercial land. SOEASY this year has developed and designed a new durable & beautiful fence, to help improve agricultural management.

The fence can be fitted with bifacial photovoltaic modules. It turning the triditional fence into solar fence who can generate electricity. We call it —— Bifacial Photovoltaic farm Fence.

Bifacial Photovoltaic farm Fence

The Bifacial Modules

The bifacial photovoltaic modules we see on daily are illuminated by sunlight on one side. And the other side rely on absorbing refracted or scattered light in the air, convert it into generate electricity. In this way, the utilization on the other side is going to be low. In order to maximize the utilization of bifacial modules, and for the better development of agricultural PV system. SOEASY developed this vertical bifacial photovoltaic fence which installed vertically on ground.

SOEASY solar bifacial farm fence, use the galvanized magnesium aluminum bracket material, can support one row, or two rows of bifacial photovoltaic module installation. The two sides of the module face east and west for maximize light absorption. So in the morning and evening, the bifacial module can absorb enough sunlight. And no matter where it is installing there are always two periods of vertical sunlight with no surrounding shielding.

The Arrangement Mode

We usually arrange this kind of fence layout design in parallel rows. Each row has 10 meters distance gap. It helps the neighbor raw won’t be obscured by the movement of the sun. Meanwhile allows for the operation of large-scale farm machinery, the planting of grass or grazing of livestock. Gain two ends at once!

Increasing Your Income

If you use the solar bifacial fences on your farm or ranch, you will find that your farm’s income has increased. You can selling the electricity generated by the photovoltaic fence to make extra income. In about 2-3 years, you can recoup the cost of your investment in the Solar bifacial farm fence system, and the revenue from the electricity generated later is your net profit. Calculate it, this will be a large amount of money!

In the past, our farm PV system was to place the PV modules on the tall solar bracket to facilitate the operation of small machines, and below and the breeding of small livestock. However, it will also bring a lot of problems, such as limited of crop types, limited of livestock breeds within the range of photovoltaic field supports, and very difficult to clean and maintain photovoltaic panels on the farm platform in the later stage, because the solar bracket is too high. Then, improved agricultural field support —– vertical bifacial photovoltaic fence support system completely ameliorates these problems.

The Application Scenarios

When you build SOEASY bifacial solar fencein your farm, each row of fence is a natural barrier, and you can grow different crops in open space between each row; If you have SOEASY bifacial solar fence on your livestock farm, you can raise not only chickens, but also raise sheep and cattle and other large livestocks; When you build SOEASY bifacial solar fence in your livestock farm, the traditional power generation function of the pv farm has kept, and get the power generation. Moreover, one of the important thing is that the photovoltaic system occupies only 1% of the total land area. This must be a new trend in PV agriculture. Why don’t you give it a try as soon as possible?

For more details, please refer to our product–SOEASY Bifacial Solar Sunfence, or send email for consultation(sales@soeasyrobot.com). We will serve you wholeheartedly.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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