How To Get The Most Out Of My Bifacial Solar Panels?

With solar panel manufacture technology grows up rapidly, we can see bifacial solar panels are accepted widely now.

In practical application, one side of the bifacial panel only can absorb the refracted light and diffuse light because of the pv structure type. That becomes a headache problem. People always wan to know How to get the most out of my bifacial solar panels.

Now Soeasy has a new structure design for bifacial solar panels.

It is Vertical Bifacial Solar farm fence system.Or you can call it sunfence. It’s not the traditional photovoltaic fence in your mind. We used to think of a solar fence as a metal fence. But this one is a power generation.

solar bifacial panels

Vertical bifacial solar fence can help the panel stand straightly and face to east and west. Then it can absorb sunlight from both side. Just on different period. The vertical farm solar fence system is different from traditional ground solar system. Normal ground solar mount has only one power peak. But Bifacial solar fence has two power peak in morning and night before sunset.

This new solar sunfence now is widely used for agriculture. So if you are a farm owner or rancher, and plan to develop some solar power station for added income, this vertical farm solar fence is your best choice now. Let me tell you Why!

At frist, just as said above, the vertical bifacial solar farm fence can install vertically face to east and west and absorb sunlight two times per day. According to the data analysis of practical application, the use of vertical pv fence power generation system reaches the peak power generation in the morning and evening peak power consumption, which matches the peak power consumption in the market. At this time, the electricity price is higher, so the market profifit is 5-10% higher than that of traditional photovoltaic power stations.

The layout of bifacial farm fence is like a extended line per line, the space between two lines is around 10 meters. The advantage of this layout arrangement is good to large agricultural machinery operations. For ranch, also can allow large livestock take a walk among them. So you see, during farm working, you can own another income with the vertical agriculture solar fence system.

With this solar power system, get the most out of my bifacial solar panels !!!

No need to worry the land compete between Photovoltaic industry and agricultural development.

Can protect of photovoltaic construction area ecology. There is no land sealing, so that the ground vegetation can grow freely, which helps protect the living environment of insects and birds.

With this solar power system, the fence is not only a fence, but also a solar power station which will bring you much more profit in the future!

SOEASY can provide the whole system installation solution. If you are interesting, please send email to us. We will design for you base one your on-site conditions.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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