Industry + PV— Solar New Trend

The era of industry+PV has come, which has become a new development model of many enterprises, building rooftop photovoltaic systems on construction roofs, which has become the first choice for many business owners to increase income and reduce expenditure.

Industrial buildings such as large-scale enterprise factories have abundant roof resources, and these enterprises are large consumers of electricity. If photovoltaic is combined with these idle roof resources, it will be a huge wealth, not only economical benefits, including social benefits, are conducive to establishing a good image of the enterprise.

Why industry is very suitable for installing rooftop photovoltaic systems, please read on:

1. Industrial roofs have a large area and fewer obstacles, and are generally flat roofs, which are easy to install and have a large capacity.

2.Industrial roofs are generally located in relatively open areas, the surrounding light is not blocked, and sufficient solar energy can be absorbed, making the power generation efficiency high.

3.Industrial enterprises are large consumers of electricity, and the electricity price is generally higher than that of residential electricity, the annual electricity expenditure is a major expenditure. Installing a rooftop photovoltaic system can reduce electricity costs. If there is surplus electricity, it can also be sold to the local grid for additional income.

4.A large amount of electricity will inevitably encounter the problem of power shortage. The time of photovoltaic power generation is in the daytime, which is consistent with the peak power consumption of enterprises. It can truly achieve the peak regulation effect and can also help the power supply pressure of the local power grid.

5.The roof photovoltaic system construction station is built on the roof, not only will not damage the roof structure, but also can effectively block the direct sunlight on the roof, reduce the damage of rain erosion, effectively protect the roof, and increase the service life of the roof.

6.The rooftop photovoltaic system can insulate and cool the roof, significantly improving the working environment of employees, especially in summer. On the other hand, it also reduces the electricity consumption of enterprises in terms of cooling.

7.The installation of rooftop photovoltaic system is also conducive to establishing a good public image of the company. When customers visit, it is undoubtedly a living sign of the company’s social image, and the preferential treatment improves the surrounding environment, which invisibly adds to the company’s reputation.

8.The state advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, and also has strong support for solar energy and other renewable energy with relevant policies and subsidies. Following the development trend of the times, the enterprise will go on for a longer period of time.

9.Enterprises generally need to consider the issue of return on capital. Installing a rooftop photovoltaic system can revitalize the idle fixed asset of the roof, and this is a one-time investment of capital, but it can obtain benefits for many years.

Solar energy is a green and environmentally friendly renewable energy, and is vigorously promoted by the state. It is an altruistic choice for industrial enterprises to build photovoltaic systems on the roof, which has a very broad market prospect.

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