Welcome the Leader to Come to SoEasy for Inspection and Guidance

On the afternoon of March 3, 2022, Huang Hexin, subprefect of Dation, Fujian, and other leaders visited our company for inspection, and was received by Zhan Hongjian, the deputy general manager of SoEasy. The leaders of Dation, Fujian came to visit this time mainly to inspect the scale and production capacity of SoEasy Company again, and to discuss the direction of government-enterprise cooperation in the later stage. Mr. Zhan expressed a warm and sincere welcome to the deputy county magistrate Huang and other leaders, and thanked the leaders for their concern and support for photovoltaic enterprises!

The afternoon meeting was held at the SoEasy Jimei district office. In the conference room, Mr. Zhan first introduced the main body scale and main business of SoEasy to the leaders. SoEasy is a manufacturer and trader of photovoltaic products. It has been engaged in the new energy photovoltaic industry for many years, and strives to be more professional, more accurate and more environmentally friendly. As a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen, SoEasy assumes more responsibilities and obligations, not only in terms of products, but also in social aspects.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the global photovoltaic industry, SoEasy constantly researches the market, and strives to meet the market demand on the basis of adhering to the sustainable development of environmental protection, and expands the product industry chain from photovoltaic brackets to solar module products, energy storage products and other products. Solar energy application products have come up, and the solar energy market has been continuously expanded in the world.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhan showed the existing patent certificates and honorary certificates of SoEasy to the leaders, so that the leaders had a further understanding and trust in SoEasy’s professionalism. At the same time, in addition to our own products, SoEasy also strives to build a stable and trustworthy industrial chain in the industrial supply chain, and maintains a stable and reliable cooperative relationship with suppliers in various links. It is precisely because of our down-to-earth and continuous development and innovation that we have harvested a large number of national-level 100 MW projects overseas, including the project in Japan and the 94MW project in Cambodia.

Last year, SoEasy also cooperated with the Dation Government to jointly complete several photovoltaic projects in Dation, Fujian. Regarding the successful completion of the cooperation last year, Mr. Zhan once again expressed his gratitude to the Dation Government for its support! Deputy county magistrate Huang said that it was also because the several project cooperation that they believed that SoEasy was a reliable photovoltaic industry.

After the comprehensive introduction about SoEasy Company, the deputy county magistrate Huang asked whether SoEasy company whether encountered any difficulties in current development. In this regard, Mr. Zhan also expressed the opportunities and challenges we are currently encountering. As a photovoltaic export-oriented enterprise, SoEasy has encountered unprecedented challenges in 2021-2022. The price of photovoltaic products raw materials, the impact of the epidemic, the fluctuation of the exchange rate, and the continuous appreciation of the RMB, etc., have caused the company’s development to face some short-term difficulties. At the same time, Mr. Zhan expressed that he hoped that the previously discussed project of building a photovoltaic plant in Dation could continue, and also hoped that the government could give a certain amount of time and support in terms of time and site selection.

After the leaders discussed the current problems and difficulties encountered by SoEasy, they agreed that SoEasy could help the photovoltaic industry in Dation and promote the economic development of Dation, and expressed that they would give due support on the factory site. .

The meeting came to an end in a heated discussion. The secretary of the Dation Investment Promotion Bureau expressed the hope that in the later stage SoEasy could cooperate with Dation on solar modules and other energy storage equipment in addition to the production of brackets. At the same time, the leaders said that after the meeting, they will go back as soon as possible to coordinate the implementation of the site address, area and other issues, help SoEasy to solve the problem of origin as soon as possible, further assist SoEasy to increase production capacity, and enhance SoEasy’s competitiveness in the photovoltaic market.

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