Matters need to Attention for Installing Solar Roofs

Solar roof has attracted people’s attention for its advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. It does not produce radiation that is harmful to human health, nor pollutes the environment, and is easy to install and quick to construct. More and more people install solar roof as a standard configuration for house.

In the process of collecting solar energy with photovoltaic roofs, the roof solar brackets are mainly used to support the solar panels lay on roof top, and the corresponding energy storage equipment or solar power transmission equipment is linked to the solar panels, and the current is converted by the inverter for storage or transmitted to the local power tied grid. That is off-grid solar system or on-grid solar system.

When installing a solar roof mounting system, the following factors should be paid attention to:

First, Roof Conditions

  1. I. The load-bearing of the roof

Different types of roofs have different installation methods. The same is that before installation, the safety of the house structure must be ensured that the load-bearing of the roof is acceptable. It is necessary to strictly install the current building structure of the country to meet the requirements of the specification, and combine the actual housing situation, so as to ensure the safety and reliability after the construction of the photovoltaic roof.

II The Area and Orientation of the Roof

The power generation efficiency of photovoltaic roofs depends largely on the roof orientation. The large area of the roof facing south can maximize the power generation efficiency. However, in reality, such roofs exist in a few, and most roofs have the disadvantages of poor orientation, obstacles, and small areas. Although this is not the most ideal state, it is possible to maximize the use efficiency of the roof through professional solar arrangement design.

III Are there any obstructions

Whether there are obstructions near the roof also has a certain impact on the power generation efficiency, such as telegraph poles, trees, etc., some can be avoided by artificial means, but such obstructions as telegraph poles are unavoidable, which can only be achieved through shadows analyze and design the arrangement for maximum power generation efficiency.

IV Waterproof Design

This should pay attention to the fixing and installation method of the photovoltaic bracket, to avoid damaging the waterproof layer and prevent the occurrence of rain and water leakage. Waterproof measures can also be added under conditions.

Second, Climatic Conditions

Long solar irradiation time and less rainy weather are the best site selection for photovoltaic power plants, but geographically, photovoltaic power generation does not have much restriction requirements. Things to consider are the effects of bad weather, wind loads, snow loads, etc. If the site is located in an area with a lot of wind and sand, measures to prevent wind & sand and cleaning machine should be considered. If the site is located in a cold area, measures to prevent freezing and snow should be considered.

Third, Cooperative Manufacturers

The service life of solar roof projects will generally reach 20 years or more, so you must pay special attention when choosing photovoltaic manufacturers. You must choose manufacturers with rich experience, good after-sales service, and standardized management. You can use the project cases that the manufacturers have done to judgment, if conditions permit, you can also conduct on-site inspections of cooperative manufacturers.

Fourth, the Photovoltaic Subsidy Policy

Photovoltaic is an industrial project strongly supported by the state. In order to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, various regions will have subsidy policies for photovoltaic production. If you want to install solar roof, you can understand these relevant policies in advance, which will also greatly affect the revenue of solar roof projects.

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