aluminum floating solar mounting structure

Name Floating solar pvpower generation system
Wind load 45m/s
Snow load 900N/m²
Application Reservoir/lake/inland sea etc.
Tilt angle 5°,10°,15°/ customization
Mounting Material AL6005-T5/Q235B
Fastener Material SUS304
Floating Buoy Material HDPE
Depth of Water Not less than lm
Design Standard JIS C8955:2017;AS/NZS 1170;DIN 1055;

Product Description

The SOEASY floating solar photovoltaic power generation system does not occupy land that can be used for other purposes, and does not need to remove vegetation and trees. The system shades the water surface, which can reduce evaporation and water loss in summer, lower the water temperature, and reduce the impact of harmful algae on the water surface. On the other hand, water has a cooling effect on the equipment and helps to improve the efficiency of solar panels, because high temperature will reduce the performance of solar panels.

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