Aluminum Residential Solar Carport Mounting System

SOEASY Aluminum Residential Solar Carport Mounting has been developed to adapt to a variety of photovoltaic module mounting system, can be customized according to customer site needs, professional solutions to bring you an easy and convenient installation experience. The solar shed can not only provide electric energy, but also effectively reduce the damage to vehicles caused by sunlight, wind, snow, rain and dew.

  • Carport for double-sided power generation module
  • All-aluminum patented waterproof structure design
  • Selection of high-quality aluminum alloy materials
  • Convenient and safe construction method
  • Low maintenance cost



Fastener Material


Applicable Modules


Panel Orientation


Installation Angle

Wind Speed


Snow Load

1.5 KN/㎡

Ground Clearance:


Design Standards

JIS C 8955:2017;
AS/NZS 1170;
ASCE/SEI 7-10;
International Building Code: IBC 2009


10 Years

All components are made of aluminum. The high corrosion resistance guarantees maximum service life and can be fully recycled. We give you 10 years warranty on our mounting systems.

  • Patented design
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Pre-installation in the ground to reduce overhead work
  • Different PV modules
  • Customized Solutions
Built To Last
SOEASY one-way carport installation system is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the overall structure design is patented, customer installation construction can be done first ground pre-installation, no need to work at height, increase the construction safety factor. The overall structure is solid, with features such as anti-corrosion and waterproof.
You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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