Photovoltaic Floating Solar Structure On Pool

The floating solar PV power generation system is specially designed for pools and oceans. The buoy adopts the process of blow molding and integral molding, and is made of polymer composite material with strong buoyancy and anti-ultraviolet function.

Product Description

Placing a photovoltaic system on water can make a big difference in terms of lifespan and maintenance costs. The wind blows dust or sand on the solar panels, which will cause a high loss of capacity. In addition to the cost of cleaning the panels, the cost of the ground photovoltaic system continues to increase. Although the floating solar PV power generation system is not immune to the impact of dust and dirt, This situation will be much better.

Product Feature 

1. Main Floating: With four small holes, it is convenient to adjust the angle during installation and reduce the construction error.
2. Landscape Walkway Floater: With three small holes, it can be adjusted in time when the installation strength is insufficient, and aluminum and steel can be installed to increase its strength.
3. Anti-loosening bolts: using a method that is not tight enough to prevent the pontoon from breaking during typhoon days/high waves.
4. Anti-loosening nut: The detailed design with notches and serrations is not only easy to install, but also prevents slipping.
5. There are three Landscape Walkway Floaters to choose from, the longest is 2.5m, which not only saves materials, but also enhances the versatility of solar panels.

Technical Parameters

Name Floating Solar PV Power Generation System
Wind Load 36m/s
Snow Load 0.45KN/m²
Wave Height <0.5m
Water Velocity <0.51m/s
Environment Temperature -25~45℃
Application Reservoir/lake/inland sea etc.
Tilt angle 5°,10°,15°/ customization
Mounting material AL6005-T5/ Q235B
Fastener material SUS304
Floating body material HDPE
Depth of water Not less than 1m
Solar panel Framed or frameless
Array of solar panel Landscape/single/double rows

Range Of Application


1、What is a floating solar system?

Floating solar or floating photovoltaics (FPV), sometimes called floatovoltaics, is solar panels mounted on a structure that floats on a body of water, typically a reservoir or a lake. The market for this renewable energy technology has grown rapidly since 2016.

2、Why do solar panels float?

A significant benefit of floating solar is that it doesn’t take up valuable space on land—meaning that it can be used for other purposes, such as farming or construction. … Another benefit is that bodies of water exert a cooling effect, which improves the performance of solar photovoltaic panels by 5–10 percent.

3、How do floating solar panels affect the environment?

Results of the study indicate that floating solar farms have a positive impact on the surrounding areas. By covering the water’s surface, they help cool the water temperature, reducing the potential for evaporation and the growth of toxic algae.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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