pv solar rooftop bracket ballast mounting

Soeasy new design roof ballast mounting,compared with the traditional ballast bracket, the material consumption is greatly reduced, thereby saving the material cost.

SOEASY new design solar ballast bracket, which is an excellent engineering solution for fixing solar panels on the bracket in an array on a flat roof. The bracket is supported by four single columns on one side and fixed with angled aluminum in the middle to ensure the stabilization, and can realize the overall adjustment of front, rear, left, and right, effectively reducing the requirements for installation accuracy.

New Design VS Old Design:

Application Comercial Solar Flat Roof System
Wind Load ≤ 45m/s
Snow Load 1.5KN/m²
PV Modules Framed
Array Layout According to the actual situation
Module Orientation Landscape , Portrait
Module Inclination 0° – 45°
Standards JIS 8955:2017/DIN1055/ASCE_7-05/AS/NZS1170
Warrantly 10 Year


New Design Advantages:

  1. Suitable for flat concrete roof and ground.
  2. Real ease of installation saves labor costs
  3. Big compatibility for big panels
  4. Rail-free design, saves material cost while has no effect on the strengthIntegrated design, high stability
  5. Flexible installation, mobile layout


You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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