Residential Solar PV Flat Roof Racking Bracket

Made by extruded aluminum, SOEASY solar tripod provide a universal solution for multitude of different flat roof PV installations. The system is highly pre-assembled to minimal the cost on installation and max convenience on warehousing.

Product Description

The Solar Tripod Mounting will suitable for the application of various types of flat roof because the variable tilt angle, ballasted solutions and roof penetration. The high pre-fabrication level reduced installation times and costs. Optimization materials use, structure verification approval by wind load and snow load testing.

Technical Parameters

Application Pitch Roof, Flat Roof
Wind Load Up to 42m/s
Snow Load 1.4KN/m²
PV Module Frames
Module Layout According to Requirement
Module Orientation Portrait, Landscape
Module Inclination 0-45°
Building Height Up to 20m
Color Natural
Warranty 10 Years


Product Advantages

1、Most components are pre-assembled.

2、Enables simple, fast and easy installation.

3、High module compatibility.

4、Lower and competitive price.

5、High strength and rust-resistance.

Project Case

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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