SAL Series Solar Carport Mounting System

SOEASY SAL series carports are available in two products: waterproof carport SAL-W and non-waterproof carport SAL-NW.

SAL-W Solar Carport Mounting System is developed from SAL-NW,which add water slot to achieve structual waterproof. Professional structual design, dismountable waterproof structure provide customers with more choices.

We will keep optimizing the design of solar carport mounting system to offer a excellent installation experience for users.

  • Customized solutions to maximize the utilization of land resources.
  • Hidden connection parts makes a better appearance for carport.
  • Waterproof configuration can be added, waterproof structure can be removed.
  • 10 years warranty, 25 years lifelong.
  • Professional design solution and detailed manual will save the cost and time for installation.

Installation Site:

Open Ground


Concrete Foundation

Applicable Modules:


Panel Orientation:


Installation Angle:


Wind Speed:


Snow Load:


Design Standards:

JIS C 8955:2017;
AS/NZS 1170;
ASCE/SEI 7-10;
International Building Code: IBC 2009

Ground Clearance:




Fastener Material:


Component Material:



Silver or Customized


10 Years

All components are made of SUS304/AL6005-T5, The high corrosion resistance guarantees maximum service life and can be fully recycled. We give you 10 years warranty on our mounting systems.

  • Patented design
  • Customized Solutions
  • Recyclable aluminum design row material
  • Pre-installation in the ground to reduce overhead work
Built To Last

SOEASY SAL series solar carport mounting system can not only reduce the damage from solar light, wind, snow and rain to vehicles, but also can use original land resources to achieve solar power generation.

We can customized solar mounting solutions according to the size of customer’s current parking space,professional design solution will bring customers a simpler and more convenient installation experience.

With the popularization of electric vehicles, customers can charge them by installing EV charger system under the carports.




Front Water Slot Cap

Middle Clamp

End Clamp

Front Water Slot

Water Slot Clamp Kit

Protrait Water Slot

Landscape Water Slot

Cable Cover

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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