Buoy Photovoltaic Floating Mounting System

The SOEASY water-based PV floating power generation system is suitable for water installation. The floats and main floating body adopt a new modular design to achieve single-row and simultaneous double-row rows, enhancing the installed capacity and power generation, making installation easy and convenient, and reducing project costs. At the same time, the water can cool the solar panels and cables, thus improving power generation efficiency and increasing revenue.

  • For the installation of photovoltaic modules on water
  • HDPE main floating body with stronger load-bearing capacity
  • High density polyethylene material, good water tightness
  • HDPE, aluminum alloy, carbon steel a variety of support body options
  •  Excellent weather ability, easy to maintenance, and various solutions
  • Modular design, easy splicing and installation
  • Highly combinable with a variety of arrangements

Floating body material


Fastener material


Tilt angle

5°、10°、15° / customizable

Wind load

45 m/s

Snow load

900 N/m²

Depth of water

Not less than 1m

Array of solar panel

Landscape/single/double rows

Structure Standards

JIS 8955:2017; AS-NZS 1170; DIN 1055; ASCE 7-05 International Building Code:IBC 2009

All components are made up of HDPE and stainless steel/aluminum to ensure maximum service life of the mounting system and are fully recyclable. We offer you a 10-year warranty on the installation system.

  • High component compatibility and cost saving
  • Stable overall structure
  • HDPE environmental friendly material
  • Double-row or single-row arrangement
  • Environmentally friendly materials can be recycled
Built To Last

This solar floating system uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material as the material for the main floating body and aisle floats, which has environmentally friendly and available properties. The product is leak-proof, resistant to hydrolysis, with high load-bearing capacity, watertightness, and wind and wave resistance, and the material is UV-resistant and anti-aging, with a service life of up to 25 years. The PV module support structure can also be used to control project costs by replacing the HDPE main float with aluminum or carbon steel materials.

Main Floater

Long Floater Walkway

Short Floater

Floating body connector

HDPE Bolt and Nut Kit


HDPE Washer

Front Foot

Rear Foot

Rear Base

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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