SOEASY Solar Panel Roof PV Mounting System L feet SE01

Product Name Solar L feet
Material Aluminum 6005-T5
Color Natural
Wind speed 60m/s
Snow load 1.4KN/m2
Warranty 10 years warranty

SOEASY Solar Panel Roof PV Mounting System L feet SE01

Solar Roof Mount Kit

SE01 L feet


Tin Roof L Foot Solar Mount System has been widely used on universal corrugated and trapezoid metal sheet roof. It can fix to the roof rafter directly. And it can be applied with hanger bolts and SOEASY designed roof clamps.


  • Enables simple, fast and cost-effective installation
  • Al6005-T5. High class anodized aluminum
  • Waterproof Silicone rubber integrated


Roof Solar Panel Mounting System Suppliers


Necessary info. for us to design and quote

* What is your PV panels dimension? _____mm Length x _____mm Width x ____mm Thickness

* How many panels are you going to mount? _______Nos.

* What kind of roof do you have?__________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof)

* What is your planned PV assembly block? ________Nos. in a row

* How is weather there, such as wind speed and snow load?

___m/s anit-wind speed and ____KN/m2 snow load.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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