SOEASY Aluminum Roof Hook Solar Mounting Structure For Pitched Roof

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Tile Roof


Aluminum 6005 T5



Panel Orientation


Tilt Angle


Wind Load


Snow Load



JIS 8955:2017  AS-NZS 1170  DIN 1055  ASCE 7-05

International Building Code

IBC 2009


10 years on material, 25 years service life

Solar Mounting Bracket

SOEASY Aluminum Roof Hook Solar Mounting Structure For Pitched Roof

High factory preassembled components: High Save 50% Labour Force!

Our adjustable Aluminum Roof hook has been developed as a universal system in the Rooftop mount system . By using the patented aluminum base rails , click-in clamp and base rail pre-clamp technology can eliminate customer cutting and enables particularly fast installation.


Solar Roof

Solar Structure Roof


Bracket For Solar Panel Roof

SOEASY TILE ROOF SOLUTION can be applied to different tile roof conditions. Different roof hooks can fit for different roof conditions, which can satisfy different requirements of the installation for residential solar pv power plant.

Solar Support


Necessary info. for us to design and quote

•What is your pv panels dimension?_____mm Length x_____mm Width x____mm Thickness

•How many panels are you going to mount? _______Nos.

•What kind of roof do you have?__________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof)

•What is your planned pv assmebly block? ________Nos. in a row

•How is weather there,such as wind speed and snow load?___m/s anit-wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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