Soeasy PV Double-Glazed Bifacial Sunfence System

The bifacial sunfence is a combination of photovoltaic system and fence. The installation method adopts the vertical fence installation with bifacial photovoltaic module, which can not only absorb solar energy by double-sided , but also has a unique design. Agricultural operations can be carried out between rows, making the power station both practical and beautiful.

This is a photovoltaic power system combined with high efficiency conversion module and a special fence frame design. A wide range of applications can be applied to commercial, industrial, property enclosure and agriculture.

  1. Fences with a return on investment.
  2. Free style bottom fence install elements (barbed wire,screen,fence,etc.).
  3. Easier to install, Less land construction work.
  4. Vertical installation, Double side sunlight absorption.

Material • Zinc aluminum magnesium + Aluminium
Construction • SOEASY patented E-Ground Screw foundation
• SOEASY patented SF stand columns
• SOEASY patented SF columns clamp
Module Connector • SOEASY patented universal fixed clamp for frameless module
• SOEASY patented Universal fixed clamp for framed module
Scope of Service • Project planning for the fencing system
• Delivery of all of the mounting material

Higher yield + Higher market value = 20% More Profit

  1. The average revenue generated by the plant who use vertical pv fence is higher than traditional pv power plant. According to the data analysis of practical application, the use of vertical pv fence power generation system reaches the peak power generation in the morning and evening peak power consumption, which matches the peak power consumption in the market. At this time, the electricity price is higher, so the market profit is 5-10% higher than that of traditional photovoltaic power stations.
  2. For a specific period of time, a vertical east-west orientation pv panel can generate 5-15% more energy under certain conditions than a traditional south facing layout pv pane.
  3. With a minimum of 10 meters of space between each modules row. Approximately 90 percent of the solar power generation area can be used for agricultural purposes at the usual module layout width. That helps ensure high efficient management of agricultural work.


You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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