SOEASY PVC Coated Welded 3D Wire Mesh Fence

1. Easy to transport and to install

2. Flexibility and Stability

3. Excellent Environmental Protection

4. Corrosion resistance. Polishing and Durable

5. Resist the strong ultraviolet radiation , fastness


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SOEASY PVC Coated Welded 3D Wire Mesh Fenc

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Wire mesh fence is an excellent solution to the fence of private property, security, public buildings (schools, kindergartens, sports fields) as well as the security of industrial sites and office buildings. Easy to install, low cost performance and high durability. All components are made of high quality steel, which are subject to a process of hot-dip tinning making it possible to ensure decades of corrosion protection under normal conditions.

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Necessary info. for us to design and quote

1.What is your fence dimension?
_____mm Length x_____mm Width

2.How many meters do you need?

3.How many turnings in the projects?

4.Do you need barbed wire or not?

5.Do you need the door and door size?

   _____mm Length x_____mm Width

6. Foundation types : concrete/base pillar

7.Do you have any special requirement?

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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