SOEASY Solar Anchor Mount No Dig Ground Screw Pole Anchor

Name Ground Screw
Size 76*T3.0* 600~800
Material Q235
Certificate DIN / EN / ISO 1461
Surface Treatment Hot Galvanizing
earth ground screw

SOEASY Solar Anchor Mount No Dig Ground Screw Pole Anchorconcrete post anchor


Every ground screw has been especially designed to handle extreme weather conditions which can experience in the winter season. We have several models available in various lengths and sizes, depending on what needs to be installed, load requirements for the project and the ground where the screws are to be installed.

aluminium panel screw structure


No damage to surrounding area

Ground screws can be installed anywhere you normally dig to concentrate in an upright post or site or prefabricated concrete support. This reduces the need to disturb the ground and also reduce the mess on site during the foundation stage.

anchor galvanized

anchor screw

anchor manufacturer

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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