SOEASY Solar Ground Bracket Galvanized Aluminum Magnesium

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Galvanized aluminum magnesium is a alloy metal, refers to the existing hot dip galvanized coating on the addition of a certain amount of aluminum, magnesium galvanized steel plate. With excellent comprehensive performance and strong corrosion resistance. SOEASY uses galvanized aluminum and magnesium as solar support materials, which can help customers control the cost of solar engineering and extend the use time of the support.

Applied Mounting Site Flat Ground
Module Orientation Landscape/Portrait
Module Type Frame/Frameless
Installation Inclination 0-45°
Wind Speed ≤60m/s
Snow Load Under 1.5KN/m²
Ground Clearance Under 1.5m
Color Natural
Warranty 10Years
Standards JIS 8955:2017; AS-NZS 1170; DIN 1055; ASCE 7-05

-Unique patented design for module fixing with 20% higher effnciency than traditional installation
-Base seat & Pillar-in-one design makes the whole structure more stable and reliable
-Simple structure design makes the construction work easier and lower cost
-The adjustable setting on three axis direction can absorb the installation error effhciently
-New material which has no fear of second-cutting and no need extra anti-rust treatment
-Tested by authority agency corrosion-resistance guar anteed with over 50 years of life time
-Verifhed by SGS engineering mechanic to make sure of the stability and safety of the entire structure


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There are several structure type for your option. Final solution will be give out by SOEASY base on optimized to site-specific conditions.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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