SOEASY Solar Ground Mounting Brackets




  Open terrain-ground mount

  Wind load

  ≤ 50m/s

  Snow load


  PV Modules

  Framed, Unframed

  Array Layout

  According to the actual situation

  Module Orientation

  Landscape , Portrait

  Module Inclination

  0° – 45°

  Ground Clearance

  ≥ 0.6m


  JIS 8955:2017/DIN1055/ASCE_7-05/AS/NZS1170




  10 years

Solar Panel Mounting Rack Bracket

SOEASY Solar Ground Mounting Brackets

Solar Ground Mounting Brackets


The components of the W SYSTEM are pre-fitted according to the chosen module type and configuration. All connecting points of the intelligent structure have been specifically designed to facilitate installation. Innovative module support rails further reduce time and cost. All in all, this guarantees record-time installation.

Solar W Structure


The pre-assembled design of the highest level in factory simplifies construction site work to the largest degree and therefore installation is simple and quick. It can effectively improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period and reduce construction costs.

Solar Ground Mounting Brackets

The use of the corresponding color markers achieves a simple and effective installation guidance that can to much extent replaces installation instruction and reduces the construction error rate.

Solar Ground Mounting Brackets

Solar Ground Mounting Brackets

ll raw materials of components are made of aluminum (anodized 6005-T5) and stainless steel (SUS304) , which reach the maximum degree of product’s weather resistance and the stability of the structure. The PV-Terrain A, through reliable mechanical analysis and static load test, combines the theory and practice-related data to ensure stability and safety performance of the structure.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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