SOEASY Solar Ground Stand Mounting Rail Kit




  Open terrain-ground mount

  Wind load

  ≤ 42m/s

  Snow load


  PV Modules

  Framed, Unframed

  Array Layout

  According to the actual situation

  Module Orientation

  Landscape , Portrait

  Module Inclination

  0° – 45°

  Ground Clearance

  ≥ 0.6m


  JIS 8955:2017/DIN1055/ASCE_7-05/AS/NZS1170




  10 years

A Type System

SOEASY Solar Ground Stand Mounting Rail Kit

Reduced installation times due to high pre-fabrication level, minimized assembly time and effort(up to 40%)

The use of the corresponding color markers achieves a simple and effective installation guidance that can to much extent replaces installation instruction and reduces the construction error rate.



In normal natural environment, the PV-Terrain A is suggested to be used when the requirement is ground clearance below 0.6m, horizontally less than 4 sections and vertically less than 3 sections, to ensure more reasonable cost.




Solar Ground A TypeSolar Ground A Type

The PV-Terrain A, with its fully adjustable design,maximumly absorbs the size error caused by the construction, and guaranteesthe stability and beauty of PV matrix structure.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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