SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting Bracket Anodized Steel Z Rail

* Flexible rooftop mount system

* Excellent waterproof

* Significant savings

* Compatible with most modules

* Static reliability

* Maximum service life


z rail

SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting Bracket Anodized Steel Z Railz rail


z rail


SOEASY TRAPEZOIZAL ROOF SOLUTION is special designed for the installation of solar PV power plant on trapezoidal roof. It has adopted the self-tapping screw to stick into purlin or metal sheet, which has increased the strength to the whole system. Different purlin materials use different self-tapping screw, which can offer a more convenience, economic, and safe mounting solution for trapezoidal roof solar PV power plant.


z rail


Installation Site Solar Roof
Foundation Z rail
Panel Orientation Landscape/Portrait
Tilt Angle 0°-60°
Wind Load ≤60m/s
Snow Load 5.4KN/m²
Standards JIS 8955:2017; AS-NZS 1170; DIN 1055; ASCE 7-05;
International Building Code IBC 2009


You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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