SOEASY Steel Floor Anchor Foundation Ground Screw



  Name of Product

  GROUND SCREW (with flange)


  Carbon Steel(Q35B/ISO 630 Fe360D)

  Surface treatment

  Hot Dip Galvanizing (DIN EN ISO 1461)  Galvanized Layer 80μm Or More


  1600 mm

  Pile pipe outer diameter

  76 mm

  Pile pipe inner diameter

  70 mm

  Pile pipe thickness

  3.0 mm ±0.25

  Flange diameter

  200 mm

 Through hole



  10 years

3M Construction Anchor

SOEASY Steel Floor Anchor Foundation Ground Screw

Ground Screw Price

Screw Foundation Systems is the intelligent alternative fixing method for all types of installations requiring a solid footing. Tests conducted in different consistency soil showed a clear advantage in all aspects, from wind loads and lateral pull, to horizontal load and lift, compared to concrete footings which are held in the ground mostly by their own weight.

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You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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