Bifacial Solar Fence

The SOEASY PV Bifacial Solar Fence enables vertical installation of double-sided solar panels on an industrial scale. It is suitable for almost every terrain and can be easily installed in the field with just a few screw connections. The vertical system of bifacial PV modules adapts better to ground undulations than traditional farm mounts. It is available for commercial ranches, farms, etc.

  • Fence protection function + photovoltaic power generation
  • Can be installed on flat and hilly areas
  • Max land use
  • Multifunctional and versatile use
  • Mechanized operations are carried out simultaneously with photovoltaic power generation


• Q235B + AL6005-T5

Inclination Angle

• 90°

Wind Speed

• 36m/s

Snow Load

• 1.7 KN/㎡

Ground Clearance

• ≥200mm

Scope of Service

• Project planning for the fencing system
• Delivery of all of the mounting material

Hight of Single Row Panel

• 1.5-1.8m (Accept Hight Customization)

Hight of Double Row Panel

• 1.9-2.2m (Accept Hight Customization)

Row spacing

• Recommended spacing between rows ≥ 10m

Warranty period

• 10 Years

All components are made of Q235B carbon Steel and aluminum. The high corrosion resistance guarantees maximum service life and can be fully recycled. We give you 10 years warranty on our mounting systems.

  • Vertical mounting structure
  • Applicable to various sizes of double-glass modules
  • Double peak power generation
  • Effectively improve bifacial modules utilization
  • High yield
Built To Last

The frame structure of SOEASY PV fence consists of carbon Steel pillars and beams with a solid and safe structure. The surface treatment of zinc-aluminum-magnesium protects the profile from rain erosion and prolongs the service life. Double-sided photovoltaic fence is available in single-row and double-row arrangements, and the total height can be flexibly adjusted.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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