Solar Module Dirt Clean Water Mud Drainage Clips

   Dirty Dusty Photovoltaic Panels Solar Rooftop System

Many Photovoltaic roof has small tilt angle, that makes the dust on module surface will become mud when rainy day is coming and flowing to the edge of the solar module, and blocked by the frame can’t be eliminated. After a long term accumulation, the dirt will cover on solar panel bottom or corner which may result in rainbow stripes ( damage of glass surface coating) seriously affecting the transmission of light of module glass.

Damage of dirt mud on solar module:

(1)Reduce the power generation of solar module

(2)Hot spots are formed, affecting power generation efficiency

(3)Form a rainbow band to accelerate the aging of pv module

Soeasy to solve this problem with drainage clips!

Mud drainage clips is a rectangular self-locking clip made of plastic. It is a pv module water guide and mud drain device. A  ‘C’ shape card buckle.

SOEASY Water Mud Drainage Clips has pretty quality, can fit to 35mm, 40mm solar module thickness.


Product Name Soeasy Solar Module Drainage Clip
Material Plastic
Inner Hight 35mm  40mm
Function Solve bottom edge ash& mud accumulation problem

Increase solar power generation by about 5%

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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