SOEASY Solar Mount Aluminum Energy Structure




  Open terrain-ground mount

  Wind load

  ≤ 42m/s

  Snow load


  PV Modules

  Framed, Unframed

  Array Layout

  According to the actual situation

  Module Orientation

  Landscape , Portrait

  Module Inclination

  0° – 25°

  Ground Clearance

  ≥ 0.6m


  JIS 8955:2017/DIN1055/ASCE_7-05/AS/NZS1170




  10 years

Solar Ground G System

SOEASY Solar Mount Aluminum Energy Structure



Our Soeasy G-type solar racking system is suitable not only for flat ground, but also for tilted terrains. It can be in common use no matter what kind of your panels are, and meets customer needs. We highly recommend this G-type to you when your layouts are three or four rows in landscape.


Solar Ground Bracket

Solar Ground Bracket

Solar Ground Bracket


The G-type solar racking is designed for slopes, where were known as hard or unable to mount solar racking in the past. This G-type solar racking could be applied to slope regardless of the orientation and inclination. We supply the best mounting solution for you to help you taking the best use of land.


Solar Ground Bracket

Solar Ground G type

Our design is engineered for strength and durability and minimizes material use without compromise to strength and load.

A high percentage of factory pre-assembled components means faster installation, hence lower installation costs.

Hilly terrain can be challenging to installers. When installing ground screws or piles errors often occur when leveling on hills. Solar mounting structure is a very forgiving system when a machine operator lapses concentration.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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