Solar Roof Tripod Structure Mounting

Product Description:

Considering the actual operating can not perfectly match the ideal paper, we set every where a small secret. Like in the picture you will notice that the whole is not a circle as the Hex Flange is. We make it like a ”U” so that the worker can adjust the position in a limited range, which allows you to regulate the whole array.

Technical Data

Product Name Solar Roof Tripod
Application Flat/Pitched Roof
Wind Load 42m/s
Snow Load 1.4kn/m²
PV Module Framed/unframed
Module Layout According to requirements
Module Inclination 0°–45°
Warranty 10 Years

High-quality Components

The raw materials of all components are made of aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and SUS-304 materials, ensuring product’s weather ability and structural stability to the greatest extent.

Practical Install Site

Free Design

Please provide info as below when inquiry:

What is your pv panels dimension?_____mm Length x_____mm Width x____mm Thickness

How many panels are you going to mount? _______Nos.

What kind of roof do you have?__________(Tin/metal/tile/slate/shingle roof)

What is your planned pv assmebly block? ________Nos. in a row

How is weather there,such as wind speed and snow load?___m/s anit-wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load.

If you have any special require, Click here to contact us. Our design team will help you make the most suitable solution.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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