Steel Galvanized Nut Welded Ground Screw Anchors Pile

By choosing a ground screw, you avoid the hassle of digging and pouring concrete foundations and then wasting time waiting for it to set! The entire process for installing a ground screw takes only a few minutes and you can start using them immediately. With a fast and functional installation you save both time and money and keep your customers happy.

Name Ground Screw (Slotted Hole)
Size 76*T3.0*1200~3000
Material Q235
Certificate NID/JIS/ISO
Surface Treatment Hot Galvanizing



1.Easy Installation–Parts have been high pre-assembly on factory to save your installation time.
2.Safety and Reliability–Check and test the structure strictly to against the extreme weather condition.
3.Flexibility and Adjustable–Smart design reduce the difficulties of the installation on the most conditions.
4.Order– We accept OEM, customized order and small order.

What’s the quantity? ________PCS
Length: ________mm (1600mm)
Pile pipe outer diameter: ________mm (76mm)
Pile pipe thickness: ________mm 3.0mm±0.25(standard)
With or without flange plate? Or other types of plates?
Images、pictures or drawing for quote
You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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