Tripod Solar Flat Roof Mouting Power System

SOEASY solar tripod bracket is designed for commercial pv installation on flat roof to tilt panels in a portrait or landscape orientation.The tripod solar mounting rack is available to adjust 15-30 degree tilt angles.Rail or railless solar bracket , single or double – sided installation all can be realized.

  • High efficiency installation with high pre-assemble mounting components


  • High strength and rust-resistance


  • Single or double row installation can be selected


  • Fit to frame or frameless solar panels
Boost Renewable Energy

Solar roof mounting bracket with tripod structure is safer and can aginst worse weather conditions. It is not only used for flat roof solar mounting, but also for ground solar mounting. 


Aluminum AL 6005-T5/SUS304

Panel Type

Framed & Frameless

Inclination Angle


Wind Load

45 m/s

Snow Load

1.5 KN/㎡

Seismic Load

Lateral Seismic Factor: Kp=1;
Seismic Coefficient: Z=1;
Use Coefficient: I=1

Bottom Rail

Adjustable Rail Kit

SE 47 Rail

Mid Clamp Kit

End Clamp

Rail Connector

Grounding Clip

Cable Clip

Ground Lug Kit

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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