PV + Carport, Loaded With Infinite Possibilities

In recent years, with the vigorous development of emerging energy sources, infrastructure photovoltaic have spread to more and more cities and rural areas, and more commercial institutions and individuals have also actively participated in the field of photovoltaic, mainly reflected in the use of photovoltaic roofs and photovoltaic carports. Let us explore the development possibilities of photovoltaic carports together today.


At present, the integration of photovoltaic into carports can be seen in many schools, hospitals, hotels, industrial areas, commercial areas, and other areas.

The hotel, as a commercial organization with high electricity energy consumption, always provide parking services for guests.If they can own a solar carport parking, that would help them save lots of electricity cost. They can provide the electricity with their own solar carport. By the way, if there is any electric automobiles parking there, the carport will help a lot. That is really flexible and convenient for the hotel and guests.

Photovoltaic carports are not limited to the commercial field. If you have a car and plan to build your own carport, you can choose to use a photovoltaic carport instead of a traditional carport. In addition to ensuring the basic functions of the carport, it can also meet the demand for electricity and obtain governmentsubsidy.

The development of emerging energy has also brought about the development of the electric vehicle industry. Among them, the Tesla brand is well known for its electric vehicle series, and is also favored by consumers because of a charging pile that comes with the vehicle. However, not all electric vehicle brands can provide such services, and more electric vehicles are dependent on the construction of public charging facilities.

It is clearly that the popularization and application of green new energy electric vehicles is bound to show an increasing trend. Under this situation, the solar carport will also develop into a new favorite in the field of green new energy, because it can help protect cars from rainy or snow weathers, and also convert solar energy directly into electricity for house using.

In recent years, according to market demand, SoEasy has designed more than ten different styles of carports to adapt to different installation environments. The picture below shows the latest multi-parking carport project of SoEasy.

The project was completed in April this year. The main material of the carport is made of aluminum alloy, which has corrosion resistance, high strength and high stability. It is designed to park 10+ vehicles at the same time. The appearance is beautiful and very fit modern urban construction style.

The carport adopts a hybrid grid system, which can be used for charging electric vehicles and new energy vehicles, or supplying electricity to factories and enterprises, and can also connect electricity to the grid to obtain corresponding economic benefits.

The combination of photovoltaic and carports can not only reduce local electricity consumption, but also reduce air pollution caused by other power generation methods, reduce carbon emissions and smog, improve the quality of life of residents, and contribute to the creation of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly modern city.

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