SMA, Renusol link planning tools

The German companies plan to combine their tools for project planning and battery systems via a new interface. They aim to simplify the work processes of planners and installers.

German inverter manufacturer SMA will pair its Sunny Design tool with mounting-system specialist Renusol’s PV-Configurator 3.0 platform via a new interface to make work processes for installers more efficient.

They said layout changes will be more easily implemented. Multiple data entries will no longer he necessary with the new interface.

PV-Configurator 3.0 allows PV system planners to create complete project reports to plan solar systems with all components. More than 100,000 PV modules are recorded in a database according to size, frame thickness, performance data, and the associated datasheets for each product.

Via the new interface, the system parameters can be automatically transferred to the Sunny Design configuration tool and transmission errors are excluded, the two companies said.

All location-related aspects, such as voltage and legal framework conditions, are already recorded in the software. According to the underlying data, suitable solar inverters can be selected for the planned designs. Sunny Design also supports installers in determining the optimal cable dimensions and selecting the most suitable battery storage systems.

“By networking the two tools, planning solar systems is now even easier and more convenient for skilled installers,” said Thomas Straub, senior product manager for Sunny Design at SMA.


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