How to Pick Right Solar Roof Clamps for Corrugated Coloured Steel Roof

Who need solar bracket on the metal roof?

With the increasing application of distributed photovoltaic power plants, corrugated colored steel roof photovoltaic mounting demand is also growing rapidly. Especially in some subtropical and tropical zone countries. Due to the high average temperature, people in tropical zone prefer to choose metal roof for heat dissipation such as Southeast Asian countries, South America countries, Africa countries. This kind of roof can not only help to dissipate heat, but also save cost. More and more people in these countries are trying to use solar power to support daily electricity consumption. Install solar system on roof is a good choice for general family house and enterprise. But how to choose the right solar roof mounts for kinds corrugated steel roof? Maybe solar roof clamps will be a choice to consider.Let’s see why!

Solar roof clamps for metal roof

Corrugated steel tile roof pv mount generally using aluminum alloy material as solar bracket material which is light and helps to reduce the roof and load. Then how to connect the metal roof and the rails? We provide a good solution is that using solar roof clamps which can install very eays on roof top. And no need to drill hole on the roof top.When the rainy season comes, house owner no need to worry about the solar roof leaking. SOEASY non-penetrating solar metal roof mount solution is not only suitable for household solar system, but also suitable for large scale color steel tile roof photovoltaic power station such as workshop or warehouse.



What Kind of solar roof clamps should you choose?

According to different types of structure of color steel roof (Standing Seam solar roof , Lysaght Roof, Kliplok Roof, etc.), SOEASY supporting kinds of aluminum solar roof clamps. If clamps match color steel roof better, bracket installation reliability is higher which can achieve the most stable installation effect. 

One of the advantages of using solar clamps on corrugated Steel roof is that it can provide excellent waterproofing. No need to drill hole on metal roof.

Visually, the color steel roof is attractive and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.Which type of solar roof clamps is suitable for your corrugated Steel roof?


Choose right solar roof clamps to match the corrugated shape

For Standing Seam roof, we have such type of solar roof clamps below. They can match most seam roof types.

For Kliplok Roof, here are several types clamps kits for your option. The first one below is SE700 which is most welcomed in the market.

Kliplok Solar Roof Clamps

T shape steel Roofs need some special roof clips.  We have adjustble trapezoidal clamps and unadjustable trapezoidal clamps.

SOEASY photovoltaic corrugated coloured steel tile roof photovoltaic mounting has the following characteristics:

I Strong applicability, suitable for most color steel roof.

II Unique connection design, great flexibility, easy and quick installation;

III Made of high quality aluminum alloy, to ensure the high durability and high service life;

IV Don’t damage the roof, with waterproof system, maintenance free, strong wind resistance.

Do you want to get your customized corrugated solar metal roof solution ? Talk to us!

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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