Southeast Asia 600KW

SOEASY Solar Roof Mounting –  New Design Solar Ballast

Project location : Southeast Asia

Total Capacity : 600KW

Our clients just finish the 600kw solar project on their factory flat roof.

The solar mounting bracket designed and provided by SOEASY team. This time we choose a new Ballast Roof Bracket type for them, which is simpler and high install efficiency than the traditional one.

Still aluminum bracket, but only one line to support the panels. You can see the difference between new and old one below.

This ballast type mounting is specially designed for big panels in landscape layout which can perfectly meet the requirement of module manufacturer’s installation manual. With clamps fixing on the nearly 1/4 point of long side, the risk of panel deformation and sag is largely reduced. The whole layout makes the panels into a entire structure and more stable and stronger.


1. Suitable for flat concrete roof and ground

2. Real ease of installation saves labor costs

3. Big compatibility for big panels

4. Rail-free design, saves material cost while has no effect on the strengthIntegrated design, high stability

5. Flexible installation, mobile layout

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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