Sweden Deploys 500MW of Solar Power Capacity in 2021

Sweden’s cumulative installed PV capacity reached 1.59 GW at the end of December.

Provisional figures released by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) show that operating PV installed capacity in Sweden reached 1.59 GW at the end of December, compared with 1.09 GW the year before.

Data shows that 2021 will be the country’s largest solar deployment year to date, with about 500 MW of new generation capacity added to the grid. The installed capacity in 2020 is 400MW, the installed capacity in 2019 is 287MW, and the installed capacity in 2018 is 180MW. There are currently around 92,360 photovoltaic panels in Sweden, an increase of around 26,500 on last year. In 2020, about 22,000 new PV panels were deployed.

According to Energimyndigheten, more than half of deployed PV systems have less than 20kW of installed capacity, and 42% have between 20kW and 1MW of installed capacity. Solar power parks with an installed capacity of more than 1MW account for about 8% of the country’s total installed solar capacity. Most of Sweden’s PV capacity comes from residential and commercial PV panels supported by the tax rebate scheme. The Swedish Energy Agency has invested around SEK 4.8 billion ($511.2 million) to support the solar PV programme for 2009-2021.

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