The New Future of PV System Installation–Floating Solar System

With the massive increase in ground photovoltaic system, there has been a shortage of land resources that can be used to install and build photovoltaic systems, which to a certain extent restricts the further development of photovoltaic energy. At the same time, as the “third largest photovoltaic mainstay industry” after ground photovoltaics and rooftop photovoltaics, floating photovoltaic […]

Floating PV plant at California water treatment facility

Floating PV Plant At California Water Treatment Facility

Floating PV plant at California water treatment facility A 4.8 MW floating PV installation in California has surpassed an array in the metro New York area to become one of the largest floating solar projects in the United States.White Pine Renewables has completed a floating solar array in northern California that the company claims is […]

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