Solar Park Powers Astronomical Observatory in Chile’s Atacama Desert

A 9 MW solar facility has been commissioned at the Paranal Observatory operated by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and will also power the world’s largest telescope currently under construction at the observatory. The power station is divided into two subunits with a capacity of 4 MW and 5 MW. The first of the two […]

A Single Solar Panel can Offset the Carbon Emissions of 10 Trees

A grown tree sequesters 48.5 pounds of carbon per year, and comparing this general average to 0.85 pounds of carbon offset per kWh of solar electricity, it is clear that removing some trees is acceptable from an emissions standpoint. Is it worth cutting down a tree to install solar panels? This complex issue must consider […]

Poland’s Coronavirus Recovery Plan Prioritizes Renewable Energy

Clean energy spending accounts for a large portion of Warsaw’s four-year grant and loan program from the EU, as Poland’s grid-connected solar capacity rose from 3.99 GW at the end of 2020 to 6.3 GW four months ago, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Blocks should come as no surprise. The European Union has […]

Romania Launches 950MW Renewable Energy Tender

Currently, Romania has a cumulative installed PV capacity of about 1.3GW, most of which is provided by solar power parks. The Romanian Ministry of Energy has launched a tender program for the deployment of 950MW of renewable energy capacity. The government has allocated a budget of 457.7 million euros for the procurement campaign to provide […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1MW

        Countries all over the world are working on the path to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy for reasons such as protecting the environment, increasing employment opportunities and achieving a long-term secure supply of energy. Renewable energy is harmless or minimal to the environment, and the resources are widely distributed, so it […]

Amazon purchases more than 1 GW of U.S. solar projects

Amazon has announced that it will build 5.6 GW of solar energy worldwide. The first US projects are planned in Arizona and Georgia. Following the recent announcement of plans to invest in 274 utility-scale renewable energy projects around the world, Amazon has announced 18 new projects purchased in the United States and Europe, including eight […]

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