Solar Power Meets 25% Of Dutch Electricity Demand In August

Solar PV in the Netherlands performed well in August, mainly due to increased solar power, increased power generation capacity and lower energy demand. According to the latest data released by, in August this year, the Dutch solar power generation can meet about 25.5% of the total electricity demand in the Netherlands. The increase in […]

The Influence of Temperature, Shade and Dust on Solar Power Generation

Solar Module Cleaning Roller Brush-2

With the increasing demand for energy in society, the problem of “energy security crisis” has become increasingly prominent, and the problem of “global warming” caused by traditional forms of energy utilization has also become increasingly apparent. As a new form of energy, renewable and clean energy has been paid more and more attention. Under the […]

Solar Power Generation in Poland may Reach 30 GW by 2030

According to the Polish Renewable Energy Organization, by the end of 2022, solar power generation in this Eastern European country is expected to reach 10 GW. Despite the strong contraction in the field of distributed power generation, the expected growth can still be achieved. According to data from the Polish Renewable Energy Organization (IEO), the […]

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