The New Future of PV System Installation–Floating Solar System

With the massive increase in ground photovoltaic system, there has been a shortage of land resources that can be used to install and build photovoltaic systems, which to a certain extent restricts the further development of photovoltaic energy. At the same time, as the “third largest photovoltaic mainstay industry” after ground photovoltaics and rooftop photovoltaics, floating photovoltaic system slowly approached people’s vision and became known to them.

Floating photovoltaic system refers to the installation of solar panel arrays on supports floating on the water surface. This not only solves the problem of shortage of land resources, broadens the application of photovoltaic power generation, but also has the benefits of increasing power generation and protecting water resources.

In 2007, the first official floating photovoltaic system was built in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Subsequently, many small floating photovoltaic power plants appeared in many countries. According to the needs of the photovoltaic market, SOEASY also launched a series of floating photovoltaic system products—-SE-FPV mount, SE-FPV aluminum mount, SE-FPV steel mount three products, each product has two types of single-row and double-row design.

Take the SE-FPV mount product as an example. The product consists of the main floater, portrait walkway floater, anchors, bolts kit, washe and other components. The main raw material of the floating body is HDPE, which is made by extrusion blow process. The new design of SOEASY buoy solar mount enhances the ease of installation. At the same time, when the strength is insufficient, aluminum or steel can be fixed on the floating body more conveniently according to the design of the floating body; Unlike most of the current floating body supports in the market, the new floating body can be adapted to the specifications of mainstream panels in all markets. Customers do not need to worry about the need to replace the overall bracket because of the inappropriate sheet specifications. The customization of the uniform specification of the float system can also be applied to the use of different sheets of customers. The utilization rate of the floating body bracket is increased, and unnecessary worries are reduced for customers.industrial solar pv floating mounting structure on water

Compared with traditional photovoltaic power plants, floating photovoltaic systems install photovoltaic solar panel on floating bodies on the water surface, which has several advantages:

① No need to occupy land: After years of construction and development, the layout of ground photovoltaics has been greatly restricted due to the tight land resources and the influence of the surrounding environment. Even though the development of deserts and mountains can be expanded to a certain extent, it is still a symptom and not a root cause. With the development of floating photovoltaic technology, this new type of photovoltaic system does not need to grab valuable land with residents, but turns to a broader water space, complements the advantages of ground photovoltaic systems, and achieves multiple win-win results.

②Convenient construction and dismantling: Compared with ground-based photovoltaic

systems, floating photovoltaic systems do not have a fixed structure like the foundation, which is convenient for construction and can even be completely dismantled later.

③Save water resources and improve water quality: The cover of solar panels can reduce water evaporation. Floating photovoltaic systems can be built on a variety of water bodies, whether it is natural lakes, artificial reservoirs, coal mining subsidence areas, or sewage treatment plants, as long as there is a certain amount of water, the equipment can be installed. When the floating power station encounters the latter, it can not only regenerate the “waste

water” into a new power station carrier, but also reduce the evaporation by covering the water surface and inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the water to achieve water purification.

④Increase efficiency: The floating photovoltaic system has a natural water cooling system, and the wind speed on the water is generally higher, which also helps the photovoltaic panel to cool down. At the same time, because the sky is unobstructed and the light is sufficient, the power generation efficiency can be greatly improved.

OEM floating solar photovoltaic structure

With the expansion of the scale of photovoltaic systems and more in-depth research on photovoltaic technology, the cost of solar energy is also declining. Floating photovoltaics is definitely no longer a future choice. The era of floating photovoltaics has arrived. SOEASY will adhere to the same goal, develop more efficient and more widely used floating photovoltaic systems, and contribute to the country’s green development.

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