The Spring Festival is Coming

2022 has arrived, but in China, the real traditional New Year doesn’t begin until the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar–the Spring Festival. 2022, also known as the Year of the Tiger by the Chinese, is based on the traditional Chinese calendar. To make it easier to remember, the ancients used 12 zodiac signs to express, and this year just turn to the year of the Tiger.

In China, there are many wishes about the Year of the Tiger, The blessing all will contain the word “tiger”, For example, “虎年行大运”, which means “Wish you lots of luck for the Tiger Year”. No matter what kinds of the blessing, they are filled with the most sincere feelings of the people.

The Spring Festival has not yet begun, we have already started busy for it, do Spring Festival shopping, clean the house, worship the gods and ancestors or other activities, all in order to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival. The eve of the Spring Festival is the most important day at the end of the year, even those who have drifted far away will return home to have a family reunion. We will have dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala together. On the first day of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival comes. People will wear new clothes, visit relatives and visit temple fairs. Various activities will be held in various places to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Many western countries will celebrate Christmas, because that day is the birth of Jesus Christ, so some people may wonder Chinese to celebrate Spring Festival, also because of the birth of some giant? No, The Spring Festival originated from the ritual activities of praying in the Yin and Shang periods of the Chinese nation, there have been 4000 years of history, the origin of the Spring Festival contains a deep Chinese cultural connotation, in the development of heritage and carrying the rich historical and cultural background, it is a symbol of unity, prosperity, and hopes for the future of hope.

In recent years, people have a growing feeling that the once strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival is ebbing. Yes, the Spring Festival is a lengthy holiday marathon filled with traditions and rituals. Perhaps we have to face some relatives, who are well-intentioned but judgmental, prying, and have little respect for privacy.  And due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years, fewer people go out during the Spring Festival. But the Spring Festival just is a holiday for family members who have not been reunited for a long time, a holiday to accompany elderly parents, a holiday to rest after a year of hard work, whatever the reason, hope that everyone can be full expectations for the Spring Festival.

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