Turkey hits 7 GW milestone

Turkey hits 7 GW milestone

According to official statistics from grid operator TEIAS, the country added around 400 MW of PV capacity in the first four months of 2021.


Turkey hits 7 GW milestone


The Turkish grid operator TEIAS has reported that around 398 MWac of new PV systems were connected to the grid in Turkey in the first four months of 2021.


Around 101.4 MW of this new capacity was registered in April alone, and brought the country’s cumulative installed solar power capacity to 7,065.4 MW. “Most of this capacity comes from rooftop PV and around 146 MW are from the YEKA tenders,” Eren Engur, a board member of the energy storage committee at the Turkish PV association, Günder, told pv magazine.


In 2020, the newly installed PV capacity had reached 672 MW while in 2019, new PV additions had totaled 932 MW.


The Turkish PV market is currently being driven by self-consumption and net-metered rooftop PV. Turkey introduced net metering in May 2020 and the market has responded by starting to shift away from the megawatt-sized projects which have traditionally dominated.


The Solar Energy Roadmap report published by the Turkish PV association in 2019 predicted the nation could install 38 GW of solar by 2030. A separate study, published by the Istanbul-based Shura Energy Transition Center, in May 2018, had predicted solar could pass 20 GW by 2026.

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