What is SOEASY New Solar Agriculture Fence Structure Material

The photovoltaic industry has get the rapid development, that has brought continuous innovation of various photovoltaic products, as SOEASY Solar Agriculture Fence Structure.

SOEASY design new vertical bifacail solar fence to assist new agriculture development. A new farm fence do not for enclsure, but for providing the electricity generation.Last artical we introduce the advance and some features about the bifacial vertical power generation. Such as  two power generation peaks in the morning and at night, which can match the peak power consumption and alleviate the peak power pressure.

SOEASY not only in the product design breakthrough innovation, in the selection of product materials is also very serious. This time let’s focus on the material choice of SOEASY Solar Agriculture bifacial Fence Bracket  – Galvanized aluminum magnesium.

Galvanized aluminum magnesium

Photovoltaic mounting as the “bones” important part that building and carrying of photovoltaic modules. Its performance will directly related of the whole photovoltaic power station, such as the safe operation, power generation benefits and investment returns.

For Soeasy agricultural photovoltaic power fence mount,  we choose Galvanized aluminum magnesium as the solar agriculture fence structure support structure material. It has high corrosion resistance, damage resistance and self-healing characters. It not only extends the solar mount service life, but also eliminates the need for secondary anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, effectively reducing the operating cost of the solar power station.

Solar Agriculture bifacial Fence Bracket

Then let us learn the concept of the Galvanized aluminum magnesium. To know galvanized aluminum magnesium, we need to understand hot-dip galvanized first. Hot-dip galvanizing is to put the cleaned and activated steel bracket into molten zinc liquid. And then through the reaction between iron and zinc, the steel bracket surface will coated with zinc alloy with good adhesion. So as to form the hot-dip galvanizing bracket. But Galvanized aluminum magnesium is a new process, just in the original hot dip galvanizing process to add a certain amount of Al, Mg coating. It can form a Galvanized aluminum magnesium bracket with better corrosion resistance.And endow the profiles self-healing characters.

According to the definition of European standard EN10346-2015, Galvanized aluminum magnesium is a ternary alloy coating which main component is zinc, and the content of aluminum and magnesium is between 1.5-8% (including the magnesium content is not less than 0.2%).

With these special artificial tecnology of Galvanized aluminum magnesium, we can get better quality solar structres for our solar agriculture fence structure. It has given the features like:

Strong damage resistance

Due to the low friction coefficient and stable friction characteristics, Zinc Magnesium Aluminum can reduce the coating wear rate. In the transport and install process, can effectively reduce the damage and consumption of the bracket itself.

High corrosion resistance

AI, Mg and Zn alloy are added to the coating of Galvanized aluminum magnesium photovoltaic bracket. Which greatly improves coating’s corrosion inhibition effect. Compared with the traditional hot-dip galvanized bracket, the corrosion resistance is increased 5-10 times. And the service life can reach more than 25 years.

Strong self-healing

Regardless of coating damage or machining incision. The coating material near the Galvanized aluminum magnesium will constantly migrate and dye to the exposed incision position. Forming a dense protective film, gradually covering the incision. Separating the corrosive medium from the exposed metal, and preventing further corrosion.

High cost performance

Galvanized aluminum magnesium can reduce the general steel later processing technology, reduce the subsequent use cost. Its excellent corrosion resistance, damage resistance, can help to prolong the service life of the support, with ultra-high cost performance.

Light weight and beauty

The weight of Galvanized aluminum magnesium is lighter than general steel solar structure. The surface coating of Galvanized aluminum magnesium is uniform and the adhesion is strong. Nice metal color gives the solar mount nice appearance. On the road of PV installation exploration, SOEASY keeps moving forward, striving to find more new directions.  If you have any more ideas to share, please drop us a comment or email us at sleas@soeasyrobot.com.

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