What Kind of Solar Roof Mounting System is Suitable for European Tile Roof

Most of European house like to use tile roofs. I also love this kind of roof style. It seems the house have more history and looks peaceful and comfortable. No matter the normal citizen pitched tile roof or villas tile roof all seems great.

Europeans always like to do some good thing to our planet. In my mind, most of them are active in protecting the environment.Even when it comes to energy use that affects their lives, they are sparing no effort to choose clean energy, such as solar power instead of other non-renewable energy sources. More and more house holders choose solar roof system for their pitched solar tile roof to provide house electricity supplying.

In this article, we will discuss how to chose the right solar mounting for different tiles roof. Compared with other roof types, tiled roof mounting accessories is unified, generally using roof hook to fix the roof and solar rail, then fix the solar panels on the rails with clamps.

Tiles are divided into a lot of types, such as pan tile, plain tile, Spanish tile, etc..

Therefore, the roof hooks are designed to match the different styles according to different waves, lengths and heights etc.

In the installation process of photovoltaic roof, the most important link is the selection of solar hooks, in addition to the overall design scheme. SOEASY provides a variety of hook types to meet the needs of solar roof bracket installation. The hook series is divided into adjustable hook and fixing hook. Adjustable hook’s base and arm height can be adjusted. All parts in the factory is pre-assembly, increase the flexibility when installation and effectively reduce the construction error. This type of hooks fit to kinds of pantile roof.

Most fixed solar roof hooks has lower cost then the adjustable one. If you have a designer for your solar roof, they will design and calculate every distance and size for you. Fixed hooks also a good choice.

Here is another type little special. They are for asphalt shingle or plain tile. If your roof tiles are these types or similar one, you can choose these types for your solar roof mounting system.

The hooks are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, and the addition of lightweight flashing mount,eliminates the need to penetrate or replace tiles, which are not only sturdy and reliable when installed on the roof, but also ensure efficient waterproofing.

SOEASY tile roof install steps

A brief introduction to the solar panel installation method in tile roof. According to the construction drawings, carefully lift the tiles at the marked position;The hook is inserted above the wooden beam, placed flat and fixed with screws; After the whole row of hooks are installed, install the solar rail;Between the guide solar base rails, fixed with a solar rail jointer, adjust and tighten;Use the middle clamp to press the modules between each other, and use the end clamp to press the modules on the side. Them the installation is complete.

For more types of hooks and other rooftop PV solutions, you can visit:https://soeasyrobot.com/product-category/roof-mount/, or contact us:sales@soeasyrobot.com . We have a professional sales and technical team, will provide you with high-quality services and products, if you do not find the hook in line with your roof, you can also contact us, we also provide customized services.

You can tell us what you need, such as tilt angle, planned panel layout.
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